Welcome to my happy place (an excerpt)

It’s 5:43 a.m. a brisk breeze pulls me out of the bed next to where my little sister lays peacefully asleep against a wall painted golden from the waking sun. I walk through a few familiar doors, feel the hardwood of my porch comforting my bare feet and let the breeze wrap itself completely around me. It feels warm, like hugging my deceased grandfather in one of his knit crewneck sweaters. I can almost feel his initials , monogrammed (SCG) against my chest. I hear movement downstairs, I know it’s my dad, I let myself wander and creek down the stairs. the creeks feel like home beneath my toes. They always respond and never require more than a listen. he hands me a mug with a hundred old coffee rings, probably from the use of my ancestors and we go sit on a bench made of granite rock and welcome the sun, embrace the warmth of having another day filled with light and love.


I am unplugged. I can physically feel the air making its way down my chest, into my lungs, and out again. It is refreshing to feel so alive. I let the south breeze snarl my hair and for once in my life I am able to ignore the mess. This sky show is for us. The wind skews clouds for us, creates a painting that transitions and emerges into a hundred different landscapes, each one for us, for me and for him, for the memory of my grandfather, as the sky turns blue the color of both of their eyes. to be alive is to love the world in its natural state. to make music out of the waves the way they crash against the rocks give them kisses of thanks and recede back to where they are most needed. As the sun moves its way into the new day, it attaches strings to my lips and pulls them into the most unpolished smile and mmm it feels freeing, time stops fleeting if for a moment.


welcome to my happy place, if only I could stay…

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