Asphalt makes me nostalgic when it’s wet from the rain, it’s weird. My heart used to

Beat to the sound of each raindrop. I could hear the

Crickets in your backyard

Dancing in the grass

Every time our conversation broke. I can almost

Feel the silence still. I remember the flickering

Gas station lights and


I would open my passenger seat door to talk to you while you pumped the gas

Just so I didn’t have to miss you. I hope you know I was

Kidding when I said I didn’t

Love you anymore.

Maybe I’m crazy, but even the

New songs remind me of you,

Old songs too, and empty

Pizza boxes. I still can’t

Quite figure out the

Reason you left in a

Split second but I

Try to

Understand as your

Voice replays in my head like a broken record; I don’t

Want this anymore.

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