Perhaps being lost is my found. Where I am in a single moment is never where I am completely. My soul has souls that wander off and come back at their leisure. One walks barefoot on granite grinning, one trembles at the steering wheel of an unwarranted back road, another is up in the woods. And my body, it thinks up shiny dreams of elsewheres;

granite warm against my spine,

looking over shades of green,

feet in a mirror ravine,

next to you. we trade breath

for kisses all day til a blanket

of stars falls light on our beings

and we fall into a distant dream,


Yesterday I moved out of my childhood home, left my broken closet door for someone else to fix, looked to fix myself between four strange walls. let me tell ya about how the air feels fresher, how my lungs have me convinced they haven’t been previously charred. how I feel like all my souls now are working together to better my weathered mind.

I kiss him goodnight then

make a vow to myself to leave

the baggage on the shelf this

time around. light a candle of

earthy moss and bury all I have

lost in one of my elsewheres…

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