If My Mind Was a House

in the kitchen, I give in

to temptation, lick dirty plates

without a thought, becoming

ravenous in desire and impulse.


in the bedroom, I get trapped

in mirrors, fall into his indent in my mattress.

I am alone with myself, overwhelmed

with memories that shake me to sleep.


in the living room, I become lost

in a virtual world. The monotony of

society becomes a noose around my neck,

I can no longer tell falsities from truths.


in the stairway,I become

a ticking clock, wasting time thinking

that every car that pulls up could be his,

seconds become minutes. I learn hope.


in the library, I thrive.

I am validated, my histories align

with those of thousands, each

life just as vivid as mine, if not more.


I often sit at the window seat,

welcome in the breeze to wrap around me

never knowing if I want it to pull me out

or let me stay.

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